01 Jun 2014

Viper Jump no. 10

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Building up confidence, clarifying the controls, and adapting to monster’s needs / respecting it as we should a "Hayabusa".

…enjoying an awesome sunset load…this was not about the performance…rather getting to know as better and better, with some good tips from Viper Master Martin M. …it really begin to feel great! Viper has in hand 180 second…and potentially more to 240 s time for 3000m altitude.

There is no way to fool around in this suit, loosing weight every day…getting stronger!!! I re-got my provocation in-flight…so game on :D

Jump at Skydive Balaton, Mi-8 exit at 4040m, Viper wingsuit from Phoenix-Fly, pilot Ovidyus, 31 May 2014

Category: Sports
Uploaded by: Ovidiu Balan
Hosted: youtube


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